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AI-Charleston  Adopts 14 Prisoners of Conscience in Bahrain

Fourteen anti-government activists in the oil-rich kingdom of Bahrain have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from two years to life following a non-violent anti-government protest.

AI-Charleston has adopted the group, with special emphasis on ’Abdulhadi al-Khawaja and Ebrahim Sharif, two men known to be prisoners of conscience, imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their non-violent views.

Help us free ’Abdulhadi al-Khawaja and Ebrahim Sharif by visiting this page and emailing letters to the government of Bahrain.

AI-Charleston’s previous adopted prisoner of conscience was freed by the government of Myanmar. Our chapter had flooded the government with hundreds of requests for U Ohn Than’s release.


Welcome to Amnesty International – Charleston,
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Amnesty International is the world’s leading human rights organization, a worldwide grassroots movement that investigates and exposes abuses and educates and mobilizes the public. We won the Nobel Peace Prize for our lifesaving work.

Locally, as Chapter #168, we are a committed group of diverse volunteers who believe that the pen (or the Send key) is mightier than the sword. We focus our efforts on a single prisoner of conscience and issues of torture and execution around the world and occasionally right here at home.

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